Monday, July 27, 2009

Extension cord for the washing machine nearly burned. Why the fuse didn't blow?

The cord of my washing machine is too short to reach the nearest socket. So I use the extension cord. The extension cord has nearly burned, got hot and brown. I think the socket of the washing machine was not completely inserted. I got another extension cord, but it is getting uncomfortably warm/hot. I don't dare to run the washer at 60 C. I know, in the instructions it says one shouldn't use the extension cord but there simply isn't any other place I can put the washing machine.

Is something wrong with the washing machine? Wiring? Just the one socket I use for the washer?

I have modern fuses. Why didn't it blow?! I was convinced it should when something nearly burns!

Please help.

Extension cord for the washing machine nearly burned. Why the fuse didn't blow?
ack every answer is wrong in some way, hehe....and some right in someways also. Ok...first off the cord burned(actually started to melt right?) why? Because it was NOT rated for the current needed to run a washer..The FUSES or breakers have NOTHING to do with this happening...They will only ytrip if you overload the circuit...but what you did was to NOT overload the circuit, but overload the wire! Thus the wire started to melt... someof those extension cords are Only rated at 10 amps sometimes less...and a washer runs at more than that...YOU can buy a heavy gauge minimum in this case...a 12 gauge wire even tho a 14might do...better to be safe...and also make sure it is properly plugged in the outlet... a 3 wire outlet...
Reply:you must read the back of an appliance to see how many amps it is, and then buy an extension cord that handles it, and even if the appliances are like 5 amps, buy a 15. mashers might actually be 20 or 30, so look it up, it may be on a special circuit. Report It

Reply:you must be using a extension that is not rated @ 20 amps so it will get hot, go purchase the shortest length extension cord rated @ 20 amps. with a cord that is too small your circuit breaker won't trip your cord will burn up first.
Reply:If you use a heavy duty extension cord it should be o.k. ,the fuse is probably stronger than the extension cord that you are using now ,washing machines take a lot more electricity than your average light bulb!!!! , either get a stronger and heavier extension cord or get an electrician to install a new socket closer to the the washer , it would work out a lot cheaper than if your house burns down
Reply:plz dont use this washer with a extension cord u r going to burn ur house down.....u can get a longer washer cord or have one made up by a electrician......ur lucky it didnt happen already....u can even have the washer outlet relocated.....its worth the cost to save the house and a life.......

lic. gen. contractor
Reply:You need a ground-faulted heavy gauge cord, some have lights in them. try home depot or lowes.
Reply:get a heavy duty cord if it does not get hot you house ain't gonna burn down! for cyin out loud
Reply:You should not use an extension cord for large appliances. Household cords are to thin. If you must use one get a industrial quality cord of a heavy guage.

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